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Retail Liaison Made Easy with Mallcomm

Retailer relations are a big challenge in shopping centres: centre management and, more recently, retailer relationship managers are always trying to identify tools that will help them in their quest for tenant engagement.  Toolbox Group has come up with a solution in the form of a bespoke B2B smartphone app and web platform called Mallcomm.

Currently being used by leading property owns and asset managers in six countries across Europe, from Meadowhall in the UK to Forum Istanbul in Turkey, Mallcomm has a proven track record of increasing retailer engagement, retailer participation and has been fundamental in initiating the capture of retailer sales data.

With nearly 300 retailers, such as Apple, H&M and Primark already using Mallcomm and over 50,000 retail staff members with typical retailer signup rates of over 80 per cent, Toolbox believes it can make a significant impact on malls’ operating costs, marketing campaigns and communication efficiencies.

Toolbox Group Managing Director, Michelle Buxton, explains: “Shopping centres have struggled to engage their tenants for so long.  Mallcomm is the most dynamic way to communicate and engage with your entire shopping centre community through all levels, in real-time.  Shopping centres, large or small are able to use Mallcomm as the interface to their tenants, removing the need for laborious paper based tasks and integrating with existing digital platforms.”

And the system received third-party endorsement from service charge consultant, John Gray, who says: “Mallcomm is the first value for money retailer engagement tool I have seen that not only solves the problem of sharing information, but also encourages two way conversations with the retailer and all of their staff.  This enables them to actively drive turnover and offers the potential of improved communication on security issues.

“Easy implementation and management should make it desirable for all shopping centres at a reasonable cost, while potentially enabling other efficiencies on the average service charge.  It clearly adds value in resource, time and relationship building, throughout all areas of communication providing instant evaluation and action.  With good take up in-centre, Mallcomm will ensure greater ROI, satisfying my requirements against any service charge investment.”