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By Liz Dion CRX CMD, Customer Relations Manager US and Canada, Mallcomm

Imagine a grand opening with seamless, instant communication to all relevant teams 24/7 right in the palm of your hand. In this article I explain how leading proptech solution, Mallcomm, allows center teams to effectively manage communications and operations and develop effective, lasting relationships with their retailers.

As most developers and owners know, organized and efficient communication is the key in the run up to, during and after a grand opening, expansion or renovation. It is a major challenge to manage the volume of key messaging to all the various teams involved in the launch of a new shopping center and it can  make the difference between a mediocre grand opening and a major success. A tool that has proven to significantly improve the flow of information and manage key tasks is the center communication and operations platform, Mallcomm. Mallcomm is a multi-platform tool managed by center management teams but allowing the flow of information throughout the retail community through its mobile app.


Through Mallcomm the center management team, or corporate grand opening team, can connect and communicate with all retailers in the center many weeks prior to the opening. It makes the collection of information, the distribution of schedules and operational information and sharing of marketing plans and promotions more efficiently and with ease.


Mallcomm also provides a single communication network for all teams involved including the construction team and leasing team providing real time updates and reporting capabilities including digital uploads to share photos of progress.


In order to make the most from your marketing efforts, it helps to communicate marketing plans, calendars and promotional opportunities early to engage the maximum number of stores and employees. Mallcomm allows you to do this easily. Connections made assist the marketing team in continuous promotional opportunities following well beyond the opening event, so you can leverage the most from getting the whole retail community on board with it.


Security is always a key consideration for grand opening plans. Mallcomm allows the center team to be set up with emergency contacts and two-way 24/7 retailer communication even before the center opens. With Mallcomm, security can easily monitor parking not only during the opening but every day.


Having the ability to contact housekeeping and maintenance instantly from the palm of your hand eliminates radio and phone communications while also providing the option of digital photo uploads. Imagine empowering your entire retail community to be the ambassadors for maintenance and housekeeping issues at your center.


The recruitment process can be a real challenge for retailers opening new stores. Mallcomm allows retailers to share vacancies throughout the retail community and can really help to build their staff quickly as the information is shared through all their networks. Managers have the ability to upload job openings directly from the app to the center website. Retailers can also upload special promotions for grand opening events. One of the most popular functions for store managers is the ease in uploading employee discounts to the app allowing all users to access store discounts and other “perks” which can be tracked and have proven to drive sales.


Through Mallcomm’s data collection module center management can easily gather, analyze and report on key KPI information such as sales and traffic.


The distribution of the vast amounts of key information is made easy by Mallcomm. Schedules, events, maps, customer services, instructions, memos, leasing, forms, and so on can always be readily available through Mallcomm’s document storage facility meaning the right documents can always be accessible to the right people. There are so many benefits which make this cost-effective tool a “must-have” for grand openings but also existing malls carrying out day-to-day operations. It’s an essential tool for the life of the shopping center which is why it is used by more than 350 centers worldwide and continues to grow as one of the most effective proptech platforms in the industry.

For more information contact Liz at Liz.Dion@Mallcommapp.com