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How quickly can you deliver critical communication to all your retailers and store employees both on and off-site?

By Liz Dion CRX CMD, Customer Relations Manager US and Canada, Mallcomm

Mallcomm is the leading proptech solution that provides instant, 24/7 communication to all retailers and employees, both at the center and off-site creating a more aware and engaged retail community.

From day-to-day security procedures to critical emergency situations Mallcomm allows the management team to send and receive different messages to different levels of people at the touch of a button. It can even provide an instant picture of the situation from your phone at any time.

Center emergency contact lists can be a challenge to keep updated as retailers often turn over at a fairly rapid pace. Mallcomm keeps all center emergency contact lists up to date by sending periodic reminders keeping all store contacts current providing mall management and security immediate access from their smart phone 24/7.

Most centers have an established procedure for evacuating the shopping center.  Mallcomm is able to efficiently support the evacuation of the center instantly and then may be used to send follow up communication to all employees providing status updates and direction. The beauty of Mallcomm in such a situation is keeping everyone informed so that all center employees know when and how to evacuate, but also when it is safe to return.

In addition, emergency policies and procedures are easily accessible on everyone’s phone for quick reference. And a person’s phone is usually not left behind in an emergency!

With Mallcomm, Lost & Found items are easy to track and return to owners when all center employees have access to photos of lost items and can help in the recovery process.

A Lost Child (or adult) can be a terrifying experience.  When the information and/or a photo are uploaded into a Mallcomm Alert, all employees in the center are aware and can participate in the search.

Shoplifting or “Suspicious Person” activities can be managed effectively by distributing critical information to all center employees notifying them of the current situation. Once shoplifters know the center uses this type of communication they may be less likely to visit the center.

Potential weather-related center opening delays always bring a flurry of calls to the management office. By sending communication to all employees on the app once the delay is determined it will help store managers and staff prepare and will cut down on the employee calls to the management office or conversations seeking information on social media.

Center access obstructions, whether in the parking lot or backed up freeway exits, are common on weekends in many centers. Mallcomm can assist in making employees aware of these issues before they get into their car to go to the center. Mallcomm also can assist security with managing traffic flow into and out of the center.

No other tool in the industry provides the whole shopping center with such wide-ranging functionality, high efficiency, easy integration and effortless use. As the leading shopping center communication technology, Mallcomm has been used at flagship malls throughout Europe for the last six years including Unibail-Rodamco with a portfolio capital value of $61.1 billion.

Now available in the USA and Canada, Mallcomm unites shopping center management, security, marketers, retailers and operations in one powerful universe facilitating instant two-way communication and effective operations.  Mallcomm makes everyone more efficient, builds relationships and makes the center more secure and well-managed.

For more information go to www.mallcommapp.com