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The core concept behind Mallcomm is that everyone who interacts with your real estate is a customer, whether that’s an office worker, a residential tenant, retail staff, co-working tenants, or visitors to a mall. By connecting the entire community to your real estate this elevates customer experience and loyalty and ultimately supports your entire business whether that’s adding value to a lease or driving retail sales.

Over the last 12 months, Mallcomm has grown to engage real estate owners in 16 countries globally with more than 250,000 tenants, stakeholders and communities. Mallcomm has recently been selected as the technology of choice for two major flagship European mixed-use schemes to manage operations and engage retail tenants, office tenants, residents, visitors and stakeholders to add to the several major retail portfolios in Europe and the USA powered by Mallcomm.

What we’ve increasingly found is that for buyers of PropTech it can understandably be a headache to work out what you need and then to hunt it all down.  The more one platform can do the more cost and resource effective that can be.

That’s one of the reasons it made sense to develop combined B2B and B2C features in Mallcomm, so all communication, engagement and data collection can be handled in one place to elevate the experience for everyone in your real estate community whether they work there, shop there or live there.

The other reason is that there’s no longer a distinct line between your B2B and B2C customer.  People who work in your offices are shoppers, all people who visit your place want to feel connected to it, they also all want to feel safe and feel part of a community.  

The potential from the data gathered in one place from all audiences is a valuable commodity in itself and so one of the most powerful features of Mallcomm as a 360-degree tool is the ability to gather significant data across all audiences for unrivalled analytics and reporting.

Mallcomm now comes with an advanced suite of flexible modules to suit all types of real estate or community and covering the following areas:

  • Location services and integration with 3rd party service providers
  • Loyalty & special offers  
  • Location/community news & info
  • Recruitment  
  • Smart building integration (access, climate control etc)
  • Security and critical comms
  • Parking management
  • Sales collection
  • Operational workflow management
  • 3rd party in-app payment

To find out more about how Mallcomm can create connected places and add value to your real estate contact us: michelle.buxton@toolboxgroup.global.