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Business Improvement District (BID) One Chelmsford, has deployed a new technology for managing communications across its whole BID community of 500 members.  

The One Chelmsford app is powered by Mallcomm – an award winning technology by Toolbox Group being used in 250 locations across Europe and the USA.  It was launched in February and is a mobile and desktop platform through which businesses, the local council, police and other organisations are now communicating and receiving important information to help run a more efficient, safer and better place.  

Michael Wray, BID Manager, says: “As one of the UK’s larger BIDS, we need to communicate with as many as 10,000 people.  The Mallcomm technology is a cost-effective solution to ensure that all members can benefit from being connected to the BID community through instant, two-way communication, working better together for a better place to do business, work, shop and live.”

The One Chelmsford app has several features including a critical communications module through which BID managers can send alerts about security incidents instantly to all the members that need to receive it.  It also features feedback and surveys, events and news, and allows members to report key performance data.

Michael Wray adds: “The One Chelmsford app is not only used for getting the right information to the right people at the right time but also about creating community. Through the app local businesses and retailers are able to share special offers and marketing activity with other members and their staff, supporting sales, adding value to BID membership and maximising success of our activities.”  

Michelle Buxton, Toolbox Group Managing Director, says: “We’re really pleased to be working with One Chelmsford as a forward-thinking, innovative BID. Mallcomm is the ideal solution for creating communities and managing operations for organisations such as BIDs who want to connect with lots of different stakeholders.

“Accountability and return on investment is especially key for BIDs, and feedback from BID members who use Mallcomm across the UK, continually tells us they really see value in using technology like Mallcomm to create communities and work better together.”