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Eighty percent of the $1.328 trillion spent on construction in 2017 was spent on of mixed-use developments, a number that only continues to rise. Another study found that “62 percent of millennials, 45 percent of Gen Xers and baby boomers, and 55 percent of the silent generation want to live in walkable communities and prefer shorter commutes.”

There’s no ignoring the growth of mixed-use so far, and what’s still to be expected.

Consumer needs have changed, and so have the spaces that service them. Real estate is more than just property – it’s about how you engage with the people who use the property. They’re all customers whether they work in, live at, or visit your places.  

But how can one location serve all property (and people) types?  How can a community be built when there are so many people with varying needs and expectations?

The answer is 360-degree engagement. There’s a lot of overlap between the retail, office and residential in today’s outlook, so it’s about offering something that fits everyone, but also offers the engagement tools for specific types of properties, like a sales and reporting feature for a retail store or wellness options for office space.

Engagement is nothing new, it’s what marketing was always meant to do, only there are more channels and new ways to engage your different customers.  

Mallcomm has been a leader in 360-degree engagement before the term “PropTech” even broke through mainstream jargon. Our system for connecting all types of properties is our specialty and we have a track record for success. Here’s how it works:

Accessibility Anywhere

Everyone is mobile these days. Remote working and co-working have increased the demand for mobile solutions. In retail 71% of shoppers now access their phone while in stores.  

Mallcomm’s mobile solutions offer a flexible platform that allows you to maximize engagement with all audiences: residents, shoppers, workers, etc. in one place. Features like local or tenant special offers, local travel and weather news, what’s on, food ordering and parking payment all facilitate participation. Being able to have access to “your” community at any time, from anywhere makes all tenants feel connected to their property and they all want the best experience.

Exceed Tenant Expectations and Elevate Experience

Specific amenities that are most important to tenants vary by property type. So when engaging a mixed-use property, it’s essential to use a tool that speaks to each individual property’s biggest concerns.

For example, according to one study by CBRE, office tenants are concerned about the wellness and social aspects of building a community, where retail tenants want help attracting shoppers (surprise!). Shoppers, in return, want convenience and reward for their loyalty. Across the board, nearly all property types note parking as one of the most important amenities. You can streamline tenant satisfaction and get every different audience in a mixed-use facility to participate using a 360-degree platform like Mallcomm.

Communication is Key

Forty percent of tenants polled in a study would prefer even more frequent contact with their property management team. In this same study, ease of contact and speed of reaction were both cited as the most important factors for a successful property management relationship.

A platform like Toolbox Group’s Mallcomm encompasses every aspect of communication a property could want. It allows you to manage user-specific features and content and also providing occupiers with building access, scheduling tools to book meeting rooms, manage parking and make maintenance requests.

One study on tenant communications found that 58 percent of all tenants would be extremely or very likely to use a mobile app for communication if it was provided to them.

We’ve only scratched the surface of 360-degree engagement. We’re excited to watch the innovation in the mixed-use developments we serve today unfold, and can’t wait to see what still awaits us in the future.

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