Mallcomm as crisis management solution

Any critical situation has three stages: pre, during and post-crisis. In order to manage each element effectively, efficiently and with instantaneous knowledge of who has read the communication – a fully integrated solution is required, one that understands the needs and demands of your business. 

MALLCOMM is the only tenant engagement solution on the market today that has proven critical comms and crisis management at its core, having assisted over 300 retail & mixed-use destinations worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Over the last few weeks, MALLCOMM has played a key role in notifying more than 300,000 users and 10,000 tenant brands in 11 different languages about the ongoing situation, such as what decisions the mall management is taking and the impact it will have on the tenants and their staff. It has enabled the shopping centre teams to stay in touch with the retailers while the centres are closed, keeping them informed at all times. 

Where situations became high risk and critical messages needed to be delivered in real-time to the right people, Mallcomm was able to implement an omni-channel approach, ensuring the safety and security of all community stakeholders. 

“Managing critical situations has always been on the top of our priority list, long before COVID-19” according to Randall Mckillop,  EVP Americas for Mallcomm, “and through our Critical Comms feature we provide our customers with the ability to instantaneously contact their tenants and other stakeholders via the app messages, priority push notification, email, SMS or landline calls, all at a press of a button.” 

“OxComm has been extremely useful during this time. Being able to send memos and communication to all tenants and see in seconds who has viewed the critical information has been an amazing tool. I can’t imagine having to try and manage COVID-19 communications without it, especially being able to reach tenants while off site.”

Jason Blum, Assistant Property Manager, Oxford Properties Group


“Mallcomm has allowed timely and effective communication with all our retail partners within the shopping centre.  It allows us to track which partner has read the communication enabling us to focus our resources more efficiently. Mallcomm is a depository for all the communications sent out by the management team, ensuring information is easily accessible and accurate in this fast-moving situation. I see us increasing the communications through Mallcomm as the situation develops and meetings and face to face communication is reduced or stopped.”

Dave Robertson, Centre Manager, Culver Square, Colchester