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Reliable technology solutions which mitigate risk through introducing efficient operations and simplified capacity management have become an essential part of day to day property management. Mallcomm has supported over 100 million sq. ft. of retail and mixed-use space through the COVID-19 pandemic while delivering cost savings.

Counter Module:
Simplify Capacity Management

Our Enhanced Footfall Counter Module makes monitoring traffic into specific areas easy, with functionality which will benefit both property teams and occupants.

  • Limitless counting campaigns for you and your occupants
  • Users can contribute to one count from multiple devices
  • Set total count limits for each area
We can also integrate with other solutions to provide enhanced queue management functions within your app – click here to read our blog about our integration with WaitWhile

Ticketing & Digital Checklists:
Mitigate Risk and Streamline Operations

Maintaining increased hygiene standards across your property can be simplified by introducing integrated digital checklists and automated ticketing workflows.

  • Introduce digital hygiene and cleanliness checklists, which are signed on completion by your cleaning team
  • Save staff time – our digital checklists will automatically generate ticketing workflows and notify staff to ensure issues are resolved quickly
  • Use the data generated to track workflows from start to finish, identify efficiencies and reallocate resources