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Take Part in our #PlasticSucks Challenge!

We’re excited to be taking part in our #PlasticSucks Challenge this week which has been organised by our very own ESG Committee! 
Plastic sucks! Plastic is a material made to last forever, it effects human health as it includes toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity and much more. Plastic spoils our groundwater, attracts other pollutants, threatens wildlife and ruins the environment. 
The list of negatives in relation to plastic is endless, and so to educate ourselves and others of the plastic trail we are leaving for future generations, from 8th – 14th November the Mallcomm team have been challenged to keep every single piece of plastic we use; from a plastic sweet wrapper to the packaging from our cereal. We will then count how many pieces of plastic we have at the end of the week and discuss what we can do to help lower our personal plastic consumption. 
It should be a very eye opening week for us all! Find out how we get on by following us on LinkedIn.