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Introducing SSO to the Mallcomm Ecosystem

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 What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials. Typically, users must sign in to each platform separately, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With SSO in place, users only need to authenticate once in order to gain access to all of the Mallcomm Ecosystem that they are authorized to use. 

This can save a significant amount of time, particularly for those who must access multiple applications on a daily basis.

 In addition, SSO can help to reduce the risk of lost or forgotten passwords, as users will only need to remember a single set of credentials. As a result, SSO can provide a number of benefits for both users and organizations.


Enjoy a faster, single-click login with no account password to remember.

More Secure

A single account with no stored passwords offers en extra level of account security.


Users can be authenticated using corporate identity management solutions.


  • With SSO you can enjoy a faster, single-click login process with no additional account password to remember. You will also have the ability to view and control which centres and services you are connected to. Additionally, each individual user will have a single unified account for their CMS, app, and web app, so no need to remember multiple logins any longer!
  • Aside from convenience, it also brings an added later of security. CMS users can be authenticated using corporate identity management solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory of Okta. This allows authentication to fit in with your company’s existing security policies. 
  • But that’s just the now. Once we have SSO fully rolled out it will open the door to many exciting future developments, all with the balance of user convenience and security at the heart of them. So watch this space!
Want to find out more about setting up an enterprise SSO solution? Contact your Client Success Manager or reach out to us below!