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Data Collection
  • Collect retailer sales data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.
  • Create bespoke feedback forms, polls and surveys to get valuable retail staff and customer feedback.
  • Access your data at any time and manage access to the right people within your organisation.
  • Refine and enhance the operational management of your property, freeing up employees to concentrate on more creative endeavours and leaving the routine, everyday tasks to technology.
  • Save approximately 10% or more annually by streamlining processes and reallocate resources. 
  • Over 85% of landlords are using Mallcomm to de-risk asset management.
Cost Efficiencies
  • Automate processes, allowing owners to maintain service levels from a slimmed-down management operation, while capturing valuable data and enhancing tenant engagement. 
  • Save time and money by removing physical inspections and face-to-face interviews, emailing checklists, chasing store managers to self-certify, and monitoring responses on a spreadsheet. Instead, communicate the requirements directly to managers’ smartphones, recording who has read the message and listing those who have confirmed they are compliant.
Critical Communications and Security 
  • Avoid misinformation and misunderstandings, allowing everyone responsible for ensuring a safe environment to do this quickly and securely – and from the palm of their hands. 
  • Improve tenant relations, optimise operations and reduce risk by tying security and emergency management processes into a centralised communications solution.

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