Security & Emergency Management

Is your property prepared?

Security & Emergency Management

Is your property prepared?

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Emergency Management: Mitigate, Prepare, Respond, Recover

Every year, emergencies take their toll on businesses and industries — in lives and dollars — and they can strike at any time. According to data provided by the Gun Violence Archive, which records mass shooting deaths, by August 2020, mass shootings in the US had already exceeded the year-end totals for each year from 2014 to 2018. There is no doubt that with so many tenants, employees, and customers in a concentrated area, shopping centers are inherently target-rich environments for critical events including terrorism, workplace violence, active assailants, and vehicle-borne attacks (Source: National Retail Federation). The question isn’t if a shopping center will face a crisis, it’s when.

What Can Digital Transformation Deliver?

Tried and Trusted Crisis Management

Reporting Dashboard and Data Insights

Efficient Operations Management Workflows

Full Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Staff discounts and other benefits

Instant Communications and Reporting

“Mallcomm has been a game-changer at Mall of America. It has greatly increased our effectiveness when communicating with our tenants. For the first time in our 29-year history, tenants have a single resource which they can access to receive standard documentation, timely messages and helpful information. They can also send messages directly to mall management in order to help them with any issues they may have.”

Jill Renslow, EVP, Mall of America

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