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Q. How do I log into/get Mallcomm?
A. Simply download the App from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Blackberry App World or go to http://app.mallcomm.co.uk and log in with the details you have received from either your Store Manager or Centre Management. Only your Store Manager or Centre Management will have access to these details. Note that Administrators have a different portal to manage content.

Q. I/my staff don’t have company phones
A. Mallcomm is a free app that can be downloaded to your personal phones so that you have the ability to keep up to date – the app is designed to use the same amount of data as twitter so it doesn’t use up a lot of data or memory and staff get the benefits that come with the app – such as the offers.

Q. I never even read the newsletters/emails so I do’t think I need this
A. The centre are trying to build a community in the shopping centre, we know how tough retail is at the moment and how busy you are but this app means that the information will be sent directly to you and you can look at it on the bus, at home etc. With the tailored information it enables you to work with the centre to improve sales and allows you a platform to target staff at quiet times in the mall using offers.

Q. I can see how this is useful for me, but not my staff
A. Mallcomm has security levels so staff don’t get the same information as you, you will get statistics such as the sales and footfall data as well as marketing activity – the staff will be getting information in real time about things that might be happening on the day and also special offers. For example if you are looking to drive sales to internal staff at quiet times, you’d want to ensure it went to as many people as possible.

Q. My staff aren’t allowed their phones on the shop floor
A. The reason we use Mallcomm is so that information can be accessed anytime, anywhere – It’s really hard for you and your staff to be kept up to date when you are so busy dealing with your everyday store duties.

Q. Can I send messages round to other retailers?
A. Not currently, you can contact the centre management team via the contact button and they can pass round your message on your behalf. The centre staff are looking at how they can make this more useful for all the retailers and things like internal competitions will be run through this app.

Q. I guess I’ll just get bombarded with messages now?
A. Not at all, the centre management have in place procedures not to send lots of messages around unless necessary. Also, because of the security groups set up by the centre, you will only get information that’s relevant to you, unlike blanket emails and newsletters.