Health & wellbeing - festival place, CBRE

At CBRE and Festival Place we are committed to taking a proactive approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of both our employees and also staff working for our tenants. One of our core ambitions is to create an inclusive, innovative and engaging culture where our employees can realize their full potential. (taken from CBRE website

We are always looking for ways we can create an environment at Festival Place that reduces stress, creates better relationships and promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle

A key part of our wellbeing strategy has been the Mallcomm platform. It has allowed us to raise the profile of our strategy to promote wellbeing. At Festival Place we have almost 2000 staff and tenants using the Mallcomm platform on a daily basis and that has allowed us to communicate all the activities that we offer.

Some of those activities include promoting video calls, running quizzes and promoting other local charities and organisations such as the Retail Trust, The Samaritans and the time to change organisation that focus’ on challenging the stigma and discrimination in society around metal health. Importantly it has allowed us to promote the positivity initiatives that we have run including Bestie Festie (where employees nominate each other for being a stand out star) and “We are thankful for….” Where team members shared things they were grateful for in times of uncertainty.

Key Statistics as of March 2022:

  • 99 Total Tenants Active 
  • 1,838 App Users 
  • 2,460 Content Items
  • 155 Registered Tenants 
  • 1.73 Million Content Views 

“The feedback we’ve had from staff and tenants has been exceptional. We are delighted to be able to bring together our community and support everyone during what has been unprecedented times and by partnering with Mallcomm we have been able to facilitate all of this.”

Rachel Carter
Business Performance Manager 
Festival Place