Immofinanz, Vivo! Bratislava

The Client

Immofinanz, Vivo! Bratislava, Slovakia.


Immofinanz is a commercial real estate group who manage and develop retail and office properties in selected countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Their property portfolio had a carrying amount of EUR 5.1 billion and covered roughly 210 properties as of 30 June 2021, and have eight core markets in Europe: Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Adriatic region.

VIVO! Bratislava is a part of Immofinanz’s large portfolio, and houses almost 150 clothing stores and restaurants. The shopping center also hosts a range of events including the Street Food Festival VIVO! where you’ll find street food classics as well as non-traditional street food. 


One of Immofinanz’s main objectives was to improve communication and relationships with their occupiers in their retail space. They also have a focus on value-added growth, which lead to their decision of digitising their processes.


In order to meet their objectives, Immofinanz needed a proptech solution, and so Mallcomm was chosen. The modules chosen for this specific platform were; critical communications, surveys, offers, sales collection, document library, vacancies, and pools. Mallcomm conducted training to all users before its launch to ensure all of those involved fully understood how to use the platform. The client quickly adapted, and instantly began sharing important information with all of their stakeholders through the platform which they found much easier and less time consuming than their previous process. As the client can now communicate with their occupiers in a more efficient way, the client’s relationships with the occupiers has drastically improved.

Mallcomm has been able to digitise the client’s processes and they have begun collecting valuable sales data. This newly effective way of communicating with tenants is slowly increasing the number of tenants submitting sales data which will help with decision making, understanding their customers better, and improving future performance within VIVO! Bratislava.

Key Statistics
  • 156 App Users
  • 141 Content Items
  • 93% of Tenants Active on the Platform
  • 2,376 Content Views
  • 97 Registered Tenants So Far
Client Testimonial

Our experience with the entire Mallcomm team was highly professional. The main goal for us was to have a new way to communicate with our tenants, which was fulfilled. We struggled slightly with getting tenants on board at first, but after some training from Mallcomm they soon adapted. The Mallcomm team had all the answers and solutions to all of our questions which was very helpful during the implementation time. We highly recommended working with them.” Sofia Kosova, VIVO! BA Marketing Manager.

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