The Client

Savills, The Rock – a vibrant retail and leisure destination in the UK.


The Rock is a mixed-use scheme in Bury which offers a shopping, dining and leisure experience all within one complex. The destination is home to a wide variety of impressive brands.


The Rock use their Savills Insights Mallcomm platform to streamline and improve a variety of everyday tenant engagement and operations processes. However, The Rock have recently focused on using the app as a way for retailers to apply for reduced rate parking on the on site car park and in turn, increase the number of users on the platform.


“The team at Mallcomm created a ticketing function on our Savills Insights app where a user could apply for the discounted parking scheme. The form was simple and just needed the user to fill in their details, including their registration plate and retail store, agree to T&Cs and click apply. When a user completed the form a notification informed them that the application had been submitted and once approved or rejected by the management team the user received another notification. The management team were able to simply approve or reject with the click of a button and then send the details on to the car parking company. Mallcomm created this solution in an agreed timeframe and were helpful every step of the way.”


“This has created a much more streamlined process for the parking application which previously required tenants to visit the management suite to apply. This process has taken place during a period of lockdown but despite only a handful of stores being open we have had over 50 applications, which we expect to increase once again when we are open. We found that retail staff who previously did not use the app have downloaded it for this purpose.”

Laura Beal, Marketing & Tenant Liaison Manager, The Rock Bury

Key Statistics
  • 414 App Users
  • 285 Content Items
  • 99% of Tenants Active on the Platform
  • 32,370 Content Views
  • 53 Registered Tenants

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