Technical Features

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Hosted Solution that integrates with your system

Mallcomm is a hosted solution on a secure server to protect your sensitive data. There are no costly hardware installations, it is easy and simple to implement and has the ability to integrate existing shopping centre web-based systems such as Footfall data, sales data collection and even parking information.

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Straight Forward CMS

Mallcomm is completely managed using a simple but powerful Content Management System. Manage your own buttons, title, links and content displayed in Mallcomm with ease. The centre management team can administer full control over all content delivered via the app. It also includes the functionality to manage users, add, edit and delete content and also build up a library of documents that you wish to make available to the user community.

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Multi Device Platform

Though Mallcomm can be used on desktop, the beauty is through its mobile application. Mallcomm is a downloadable application found in all the major app stores from Apple iPhone/iPad to Android and Blackberry devices.

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Mallcomm provides the ability to view not only how many members of staff are using Mallcomm but also who is currently logged in and who has actually read a piece of information can be invaluable information in the communication process. This helps you to understand your most active participants and those staff who are on the shop floor talking to customers and promoting your shopping centre marketing activity.

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Push notification delivering real-time information

Unlike existing forms of communication, Mallcomm uses push notifications to send updates directly to the person’s phone to alert them. This means that if shopping centre staff have Mallcomm, they have the information in real time and are alerted to it.

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Mallcomm is fully customisable to your needs plus you can have your own app in the app store with all the benefits of Mallcomm but with your own branded platform with the option to whitelabel the app to your brand.

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Multi-level Control & Security

Mallcomm facilitates real time-two way communication with multi-level control. Centre management teams can set as many, or as few logins as desired to get the correct levels of security for their individual shopping centre. Each centre can split users into unlimited levels of security so you can easily send information only to store managers, only to fashion retailers or even just to the centre management team themselves.