Mallcomm is a multi-award-winning 360-degree integrator for managing and engaging real estate communities: tenants, operations, suppliers, shoppers and other stakeholders.

Mallcomm transforms the users' experience of the space, creates loyalty by connecting people to places whilst delivering efficient operations, significant budget savings and valuable insights.

A modular multi-device platform, it is one of the most advanced and comprehensive technologies in the market, and the only one that engages B2B and B2C audiences in one platform as a leader in the retail and mixed-use space.



Why Mallcomm

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A connected tenant, visitor and customer experience

Connect people to places in the way they want through technology to add value to your location. Mallcomm allows your community to interact with your locations on many different levels. It powers a range of building-related services such as access, climate control, parking space and meeting room booking, but also location-based services such as food ordering, special offers, what’s on, and finally community-based services such as chat and group functionality.

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Operational efficiency

Carry out property-related tasks throughout your whole real estate community with super efficiency. Maintenance and cleaning ticketing, staff management, health and safety management, critical communications and much more are all part of the wider property management functionality that Mallcomm provides.

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Valuable data and management insight

Understand more about the people who work at, live in and visit your property and how your property performs. Mallcomm makes collecting tenant performance data easier, it also features polls, surveys and analytics to help you improve your services and facilities and provide a place where people want to work, live or visit. The data collected through Mallcomm is a hugely valuable asset you can own and use for powerful insight.