Data Collection and Reporting

Make Informed Decisions Driven by Data

Mallcomm gives you the tools you need to harvest valuable data at individual locations or portfolio-wide, in any built environment.

Why Mallcomm for Data Collection and Reporting?

Collecting data in a retail environment can be one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks. Mallcomm allows you to collect multiple types of data from multiple points of collection to ensure you get accurate, speedy and reliable data.

Collect Sales Data

Mallcomm allows property management teams to collect retailer sales data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Create your own sales campaigns to collect specific data over a holiday period.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Generating customer feedback is essential in measuring, evaluating and creating ROI in any shopping centre. Mallcomm enables the creation of bespoke feedback forms, polls and surveys to get valuable retail staff feedback and can even be used to set up customer satisfaction surveys.

Get and Keep Your Data

All data contained and collected in Mallcomm belongs to you. We ensure you can get access to your data at any time and manage access to the right people within your organisation

Key Features
  • Collection of monthly, weekly or daily sales data
  • Easily connect to your accounting systems
  • Bespoke reminder services in push, email or SMS
  • Instantly see who’s provided data
  • Multiple input channels including app and  web
  • Easy export of data to Excel
  • ‘Locking’ of dashboard until sales form viewed
  • Collect data over a campaign period
  • Create bespoke surveys on-the-fly
  • Create multiple choice surveys
  • Get instant feedback on opening hours or marketing campaigns
  • Get real-time responses from retail staff
  • Configure start and end dates for surveys to be run
  • Create instant sentiment surveys to be completed by customers and distributed by hostesses or centre information points
Real Results

Our clients have been able to go from collecting monthly retailer sales for a portfolio of over 900 tenants to collecting daily retailer sales with a 98% success rate. Saving countless hours and adding additional anecdotal data. Across the British Land retail portfolio, the Mallcomm platform is responsible for facilitating successful sales collection from 92% of all tenants.

If you’d like to learn more about the value of data Mallcomm enables you to gather within any built environment, contact us now.