Security and Incident Management

De-Risk Your Property Management With Mallcomm Emergency Notifications

Proven emergency messaging and crisis management features at its core.

How Can Mallcomm Ensure Your Security & Incident Management Needs Are Met?

Mallcomm enables real-time communication to keep the right people up to date with the information they need to make informed and rapid decisions. Our app-based software gives the power to your teams to manage situations whether they are onsite or remote and provides tools to communicate more effectively with security teams to simplify everyday challenges.


Mallcomm offers real-time reporting and mass notification messaging multi-threaded across multiple channels.


Equip your teams with technology to communicate more effectively with tenants, creating workflows and processes for all security operations tasks.


Unlimited users, unlimited distribution groups and unlimited messaging to ensure the right people are getting the right information.

Key Features
  • Multi threaded mass notifications over multiple channels
  • Full delivery reporting, including for SMS and voice calling
  • Full contact lists, including keyholders and emergency contacts
  • Deliver multi-lingual messages in 16+ languages
  • Configurable templates to ensure speed and accuracy of messaging
  • Capture attention with desktop and mobile alerts
  • Have unlimited conversations with unlimited users
  • Includes risk assessments and tracking audits
  • Security control desktop dashboard
  • Mobile triggered panic buttons
  • API and Integration compatibility
  • Documents and attachments sent with messages
  • Create citations and tag tickets to retailers
Contact Management

One of the most time consuming aspects of security is keeping your contact details up to date. Mallcomm is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 and we are experts at making contact management a simple process in a challenging environment.

Mobile Control

Areas of poor signal can lead to delays in notifications but Mallcomm’s multi-threaded approach allows messaging to use both telephony networks and Internet Protocol (IP) channels ensuring that your messages are reliably delivered.

Contact our experts and discover how Mallcomm enables you to protect your stakeholders.