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Workflows and Operations Management

Streamline Your Workflows & Operations

Mallcomm strives to revolutionize the way retail environments allow property managers, tenants, service vendors and suppliers to work together. This kind of integration is critical in today’s 24/7, always connected world.

How can Mallcomm Improve Your Workflows & Operations?

Mallcomm offers the ability to digitize any existing paper based workflow replacing any paper forms required to get access to the property, manage contractors or report issues.


Simplify daily checks by creating digital checklists to record, save and share via PDF. All included with digital signatures and customizable forms.


Manage unlimited assets to record issues over time. Assign work orders to engineers and export all data via Excel to get an instant output of your data.


Create portals for contractors and vendors to access key information, request access to the property and assign work orders direct for when they are onsite.

Key Features
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
  • Create unlimited workflows and processes
  • Create unlimited digital checklists
  • Full approval and permissions process
  • Role based access
  • Instant message communication
  • Notifications via app and email
  • Asset management work order tracking
  • Contractor access and management
  • Secure logins
  • Flexible work order distribution
  • Full data security infrastructure
  • Available on iOS, Android and website platforms
  • Full audit trail and reporting
Full Approval and Permissions Processes

Create your own workflows with the flexibility to approve, reject and update work orders. Reassign to other departments or assign to contractors. Build your own forms and set your own permissions to work the way you want to.

Data Management in One Place

Mallcomm is fully GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 compliant and independently audited to ensure we keep your data safe and secure. Easily export your data or manage and see trends over time with our portfolio benchmark reporting.

Get in contact with us to learn more about how Mallcomm can help streamline your operations and digitize your workflows.