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Working alongside our clients, we recognised the benefits of introducing automated digital queuing systems to reduce physical queuing at multiple shopping centre locations within their international portfolios.  Waitwhile virtual queing system software was identified to be a suitable solution which would allow visitors to book their place in a virtual queue to visit a retailer of their choice at a certain shopping centre location, the booking would be made by using either a centres B2C app or via their website.

In order to make the process as efficient as possible, the Mallcomm team were then tasked with integrating with Waitwhile to enable store staff to see and manage the queue for their individual store within the shopping centres Mallcomm mobile app. By working with Waitwhile to make the integration, the functionality was introduced to the application as quickly as possible and in time to be applied from the beginning of the reopening process. This integration has made it extremely easy for stores to manage visitors using their smartphones, where they can see upcoming bookings and each individual set of booking details.

By reducing physical queues and limiting visitor numbers, the integration has contributed to creating a safe and comfortable shopping environment across the portfolio.

Our dedicated Client Services Team are constantly exploring new integration opportunities and are happy to investigate potential integrations for any purpose should you make a suggestion we are yet to explore, making the Mallcomm application infinitely customisable to meet the individual needs of your location.