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Meet Mallcomm: Inside Customer Success


The role of customer success managers is crucial, as the customer should sit at the heart of any business. At Mallcomm, these skilled professionals work behind the scenes, coordinating seamless interactions and support to our valued customers. Today, we get a first hand insight into how one of our customer success manager Hope Brunning (from our UK team) shapes the success and reputation of Mallcomm

Could you start by describing your role here at Mallcomm? And, related to that, what does your day usually look like?

Hope: As a Customer Success Manager, my primary responsibility revolves around providing comprehensive support to our existing customers, ensuring they harness the full potential of our applications. Moreover, I actively contribute to their platform growth, guiding them in optimising their experience by leveraging both new and existing features offered by Mallcomm.

Each day presents a unique set of tasks, creating a dynamic and ever-changing work environment. A typical day involves engaging with clients, conducting content reviews, refreshing apps, and offering insightful suggestions regarding innovative features. By facilitating these activities, I aim to enhance the daily operations of our clients’ businesses and contribute to the overall well-being of their tenants.

How do you ensure clear and effective communication with customers?

In my perspective, delving deeper into the unique characteristics of each customer and property is crucial. This personal understanding allows us to tap into our collective experiences and tailor our recommendations to suit the specific needs of each customer. 

While I acknowledge that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to communicating with our customers, as each one is unique, I believe that proactively reviewing their content is essential. This approach helps us gain insights into their challenges and use cases. 


Additionally, maintaining regular check-ins with clients is paramount. This not only assures them of our continuous support but also provides a platform for addressing any of their needs promptly, and ensuring that Mallcomm is growing with them to deliver the best product and service possible.

How do you collaborate with other teams, such as sales or product, to address customer needs?

The tight-knit environment ensures that everyone in the company knows each other, fostering an atmosphere where reaching out for support or spending quality face time with colleagues is not only encouraged but also effortlessly achievable. By working as one united team, we have all the pieces of the puzzle from marketing expertise, customer feedback and product intelligence. Therefore allowing us to directly address our customers needs by understanding what they want from the platform and having the ability to deliver it. 

At Mallcomm, collaboration takes centre stage, standing as a cornerstone among our company values. It holds particular significance in our daily operations as we strive to maintain seamless processes from the initial stages to the final outcomes.

What motivates you in your role as a Customer Success Manager?

Witnessing my clients grow and effectively utilise their apps serves as my greatest motivation. Over the past year, our company has undergone significant changes, and it’s truly gratifying to observe these transformations positively impacting our customers and contributing to the overall expansion of the business, as it continues to grow and innovate.

Personally, there’s nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback from the users who engage with the platform daily and witnessing their enthusiasm for new developments.

Do you have a favourite customer success story from your career?

Numerous stories come to mind, but one that stands out is an email I received from a specific client, proudly showcasing that all of their users, totaling over 1,400, were actively engaged and logged into the platform – a perfect 100% participation rate.

Their consistent engagement and enthusiasm had been remarkable right from the start of their journey. The defining moment occurred a few weeks post-launch when they shared a screenshot of their Content Management System (CMS) with me. Witnessing their achievement and the sheer satisfaction they derived from the platform and ability to achieve their goals was a truly gratifying and proud experience for me.

How do you meet the goals and objectives of the client?

I believe it’s crucial to offer clients a fresh perspective, which requires stepping into their shoes to understand their wants and needs. Striking a delicate balance between providing what you think would benefit them and ensuring alignment with their key goals is essential for effective collaboration.


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