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Meet Mallcomm: Inside customer success


In today’s business world, where customer expectations are on the rise, the role of customer success managers has never been more crucial. These skilled professionals work behind the scenes, coordinating seamless interactions and support to our valued customers. Today, we get a first hand insight into how one of our customer success manager Trish Flaherty (from our US and Canada team) shapes the success and reputation of Mallcomm.

Could you start by describing your role here at Mallcomm? And, related to that, what does your day usually look like?

My name is Trish Flaherty and I am a Customer Success Manager at Mallcomm supporting our clients in America and Canada. I work directly with our clients to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform, helping them to discover the best way to use our innovative features, and ensuring that they are gaining the most benefit from the platform.

At Mallcomm we are very hands on, we are not the type of SaaS provider that walks away after the product is launched. We constantly work together with our customers to implement new features, create portfolio-wide best practices, increase tenant engagement, and streamline efficient communication and operations, and to help shape our future product roadmap.

How do you ensure clear and effective communication with customers?

I believe the best way to communicate with customers is to do it often! I like to have multiple touchpoints with our customers to ensure that they are fully supported.

Building relationships with our customers is essential, it is foundational to how we operate. It is important to understand their needs and pain points, to be able to problem solve together, and importantly to celebrate the wins. By building a close relationship with our customers it ensure that their goals become our goals.

This can only be done by having open lines of communication and a great working relationship. I love being able to connect with my clients as often as daily if needed or a monthly touch base.

How do you collaborate with other teams, such as sales or product, to address customer needs?

Here at Mallcomm, we are constantly collaborating on new ways to support our clients. We are in constant communication with one another looking to brainstorm ideas and create solutions for our clients. Each of us comes from a different background, so we can bring that experience to the table and apply it to empowering our clients.

We bring a creative mindset to work each day, and know that we are most effective when we work together. By supporting each other internally it means we can act effectively and efficiently when serving our external stakeholders, and enables us to support our customers, and remain dynamic to the ever changing landscape we operate in.

What motivates you in your role as a Customer Success Manager?

Seeing my clients succeed and use the platform to its full potential is my motivation. Mallcomm allows property teams to improve day-to-day operations while increasing overall tenant engagement. When we launch with a customer we work with them to build a clear picture of what they want to achieve. Reaching those goals never gets old, as we go on that journey together. 

I know how incredible and game-changing the Mallcomm platform is when used effectively. I come from a background in retail and I wish this was a tool we had been able to use, to provide transparent communication and create operational efficiencies. I’m really motivated to ensure that our customers understand how powerful the tool is, as it really does make a difference.

Do you have a favourite customer success story from your career?

It’s a real testament to my customers that it is so hard to think of one favourite!

If I had to choose one, it would be the time I launched two properties simultaneously in Canada.

It was my first solo launch as a CSM and my first time in Canada. the property teams welcomed me with open arms, it was a very collaborative and supportive experience. I met so many great people at the properties and enjoyed the famous Tim Hortons. Who doesn’t love coffee and donut? Not only was the launch a success, and cemented the foundation for a great working relationship going forward, but the teams even sent me home with all the different Canadian sweets!

How do you meet the goals and objectives of the client?

I believe it’s crucial to offer clients a fresh perspective, which requires stepping into their shoes to understand their wants and needs. Striking a delicate balance between providing what you think would benefit them and ensuring alignment with their key goals is essential for effective collaboration.


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