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Meet Mallcomm: Inside business development


Join us for an insightful Q&A session featuring Rory Duffield, a dynamic member of our Business Development team at Mallcomm. Gain valuable insights into her role, strategies, and experiences in driving growth and fostering partnerships within our vibrant ecosystem. Get ready to delve into the world of business development with Rory as he shares his expertise and perspectives on navigating today’s competitive landscape.

Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself and your role within the business development team?

With a decade in commercial real estate, I’ve spent five years specialising in PropTech, leading sales across the UK, Nordics, Benelux, and Germany. I’m dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and building lasting partnerships, driven by a commitment to excellence and client success.


What steps do you take to build and maintain strong relationships with those in the industry?

I feed my interest in market activity by digesting data, insights and press, as well as attending relevant conferences and exhibitions across my territory as often as possible, such as Completely Retail, Retail Destination Live, NCSC events, EXPO and MAPIC. 

I also manage Mallcomm’s relationship with  some of the most successful and prevalent owner operators and managing agents in the world, meeting regularly with professionals from asset to partner level, identifying the ways in which we can support their operational success.

Are there specific qualities or skills you believe are crucial for success in the field of sales?

Remaining informed about your market is crucial, which means staying connected with your network and continuously enhancing your grasp of prevailing trends and challenges. Understanding the “why” behind industry dynamics is key, as is demonstrating the value you bring through the solutions you provide. It’s important to consistently follow through on your commitments and strive to effectively manage expectations.

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Why do you enjoy working at Mallcomm?

I enjoy working at Mallcomm as we’re on a journey together. The environment here is dynamic and ambitious, surrounded by talented individuals all committed to our growth trajectory. With strong backing, we stand as market leaders and have thrilling prospects for advancing our product offerings, ultimately benefiting our customers even more in the long run.

How do economic factors, such as recessions or market downturns, impact your sales efforts in the retail real estate sector?

Interest rates, asset values, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations significantly impact the retail real estate sector. Moreover, fluctuations in the cost of living and pressures on consumer spending add complexity to market dynamics. 

These factors collectively pose challenges to stakeholders, affecting investment decisions and operational strategies. Additionally, the tightening of service charge budgets further strain resources. In navigating these challenges, stakeholders must remain agile and proactive, leveraging insights and adopting sustainable practices to build resilience and drive growth in the ever-evolving retail landscape.  

What are the pain points/issues impacting the industry?

Amidst the opportunity to attract new audiences and revitalise communities, there’s a notable trend towards integrating leisure into schemes and rejuvenating tired stock into mixed-use destinations, often driven by local authorities prioritising town centre sustainability and commercial success. 

However these changes bring security challenges, notably with the introduction of government legislation like the Duty Protect bill. Many customers seek efficient security solutions to safeguard their places. Efficiency is paramount amidst budget constraints and rising costs, prompting exploration of streamlined systems that offer more value at a lower cost, replacing outdated technology with smarter alternatives.

Can you share a success story where our technology significantly benefited a customer in the real estate industry?

Last spring, I encountered a UK-based owner-operator overseeing a mid-sized portfolio of regional shopping centres. They were very traditional in their operating model, reliant on email chains and paper-base manual processes, therefore facing significant challenges. Communication inefficiencies led to bounced-back messages and lacked engagement metrics, while cumbersome tasks made reporting chaotic. Maintaining community confidence was a struggle due to high turnover in the retail sector.

Since implementing Mallcomm across their portfolio, they’ve achieved a thorough understanding of their community, streamlined engagement, and reduced time spent on tasks and reporting. With 97% tenant uptake across 600 units, they’ve enhanced functionality with features like mass broadcast capabilities to meet security needs, ensuring compliance with Duty Protect.

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What features or capabilities of our technology do customers find most valuable?

Our platform offers more than just communication tools like the news feed and chat. Sales data collection, helpdesk support, security mass broadcast, and tenant surveys are integral components that empower users and enhance efficiency. Sales data informs decision-making, the helpdesk ensures timely assistance, security broadcast strengthens safety measures, and surveys gather feedback. Together, these features optimise tenant engagement, streamline operations, and elevate performance within commercial real estate.


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