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Meet Mallcomm: Inside The Product Team


Join us for an insightful Q&A session featuring Matt Hulland, a key member of our Product team at Mallcomm. Dive into discussions about his role, strategies, and experiences in driving growth. Prepare to gain valuable insights into Matt’s contributions to our product development journey and learn about his perspectives on navigating challenges and driving innovation in today’s competitive market.

Can you describe your background and experience in product management, specifically within the retail technology sector?

I have grown into product management from a support background focusing on CRE tech for over 10 years. At Mallcomm, I helped build the support desk from the ground up while leading product launches in Europe and the US. 

This exposure to direct feedback, both positive and areas for improvement, has been instrumental in my move to leading the product team, enhancing my ability to innovate and address real user needs effectively.


How do you approach prioritising features and enhancements for the Mallcomm platform to meet the needs of our clients and stay ahead of industry trends?

Prioritising features for the Mallcomm platform involves a nuanced balance between developing innovative future tools and refining our existing offerings. Thanks to my background, my approach is rooted in leveraging our strong client relationships to gain honest feedback and understand their challenges. By actively listening and dissecting the ‘why’ behind each request, I ensure we address the core of each problem. This allows us to focus on providing genuine value and stay ahead of industry trends.

How do you collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as engineering, design, and marketing, to drive product development and delivery?

Our success in driving product development at Mallcomm is largely due to our collaborative ethos. We have a brilliant engineering team that engages deeply in the product process from an early stage, ensuring our vision is supported by the best technology. 

Additionally, our product steering committee encourages collaboration across all departments, allowing diverse perspectives to influence our decisions and product growth. This inclusive approach ensures that our whole business contributes to and is aligned with our product strategy, driving innovation and delivering value to our clients.


What do you enjoy most about working for Mallcomm?

The people make Mallcomm special for me. Being based in Madrid means I work remotely, but I never feel isolated. Our team’s spirit of cooperation makes it easy to share ideas and work together, no matter where we are. This connection makes every challenge easier and every success sweeter.

What are your favourite Mallcomm features?

It’s hard to pick just one feature. The flexibility of our ticketing system, with its customisable forms and workflows, stands out for solving a wide range of problems effectively. Currently, I’m particularly engaged in our data collection platform. Initially focused on sales, it’s continually evolving as a data collection tool. This feature exemplifies our commitment to growth and adaptation. Yet, ask me in a year, and I’m likely to choose something different, as we have a number of exciting projects on the horizon.

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