Case Studies

Liverpool ONE, Liverpool

Mallcomm, as we know it today, first made its UK debut in a pioneering project with Liverpool ONE to create an engaged and efficient destination with its retailers and stakeholders.

Branded One View, Mallcomm launched in July 2015 and since then, it has become instrumental in delivering first class service to its 220 stores.

Today, the centre team uses One View to successfully manage its vast retail community across all departments (incl marketing, operations and security teams), efficiently engaging with over 5,000 people on daily basis,

By the end of 2018, One View has achieved:

  • 99% retailer uptake
  • 5,100 staff logged in
  • 1.01 million views in total
Generating over £750,000 in sales

B2C expansion – MY ONE

Following the success of Mallcomm, Liverpool ONE has appointed Toolbox Group to create a fully integrated platform that engages not only retailers and centre teams but also consumers – MyONE was born. Build on the same platform as One View, MyONE is set to bring together a wider community and cement relationships between the centre and its customers, offering features such as:
  • Exclusive offers
  • Early bird event bookings
  • Review/Poll functions
  • Surveys
  • Wayfinding
  • My favourites
  • In-app purchases
  • Loyalty program
  • In-depth reporting and customer analysis