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The World Economic Forum lists “technology” as one of the key features of the office of the future. One of the biggest drivers for this push to a technologically advanced office space is the need for more accessible communication.

But spearheading projects and campaigns to improve an office’s “togetherness” can be time-consuming. Anyone who has attempted to manage projects like this on top of their workload has likely found themselves completely overwhelmed.

Technology can completely automate office communication in a meaningful and effective way. Here’s how.

Using Technology to Build Office Communities

Building communities enhances the office experience, and communication is fundamental creating connected communities in office spaces. This is true for a corporate headquarters that are trying to enhance employee engagement, to a co-working space that wants to bring independent workers together.

Technology offers new ways to communicate.

Features like chat make it possible for professionals to take work conversations offline and after hours. For individuals renting co-working space, creating relationships and staying connected out of the office, can be a huge motivator to increase regular work-day attendance and at workplace events.

For businesses, establishing communities through streamlined communication boosts employee morale. It helps staff connect with each other and management, making them feel heard and part of the bigger picture. It creates a sense of loyalty over time.

Digital communication also reinforces building communities on social media. Broadcasting positive and authentic employee and tenant experiences will attract talent.

Connecting Buildings with Improved Communication

Most offices are not in stand-alone facilities. They share a building with other offices and businesses.

For a building to operate efficiently, and best-serve all of its tenants, it needs a top-tier, connected management system.

From room booking and climate control, maintenance requests, membership and rent payments, property access and car parking. Office tenants need a an easy, timely and reliable system to work with.

Think about it, do you want to leave a visiting shareholder stranded outside of your building because you have to sit and manually call down to a security guard?

If there is a maintenance issue, you want to easily place a service request and be able to track what time building management will be able to fulfill your request.

Technology completely eliminates the middle-man and creates a streamlined communication process. It creates a fool-proof system and process that ensures no tenants needs are overlooked.

Connecting People to the Information They Need

We’ve all been in a scenario where you are in a meeting or on a call and unexpectedly need quick access to a report or document that’s out of your reach.

Chances are you had to email someone outside of your team, and about half of the time, you don’t get the information you need when you need it. Technology solutions offer virtual libraries that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

If you’re at a lunch with a client and do not have your laptop available, you can easily pull-up data and documents remotely from your phone.

Technology like this also allows you to monitor who has accessed what information, and if any changes have been made.

Members of coworking spaces can easily access policies, rules and any other important information even when they are offsite. Employees at companies can have access to employee handbooks and progress reports at any time.

Transforming Your Workplace Communications

Enhanced communications are expected from today’s office worker. Offering technology solutions for communication can give your company a competitive edge in attracting talent.

It can also automate tedious tasks, freeing-up your office managers and human resources departments for more important projects.

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