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We have taken our multi-award-winning real estate management and engagement platform Mallcomm to a new level with the integration of B2C and B2B engagement and loyalty.

This makes Mallcomm one of the most advanced and comprehensive technologies in the market, and the only one that engages B2B and B2C audiences in one platform for all real estate classes.

This development means Mallcomm now enables owners and managers  to efficiently manage their real estate whilst driving loyalty with all their customers in a way that has never been done before.  It also allows them to harness a significantly increased level of insight to drive their business decisions.

Michelle Buxton, CEO and Founder of Toolbox Group and Mallcomm, explains: “Real estate is more than just about property – it’s about how you engage with ALL the people who use the property. They’re all customers whether they work in, live at, or visit your places – there is no longer a distinct line between the audiences.

“We were already designing successful consumer apps for shoppers and saw that a lot of the content and functionality overlapped significantly with the B2B platform so it was a natural development.

“We’ve therefore been working with several major owners over the past year to integrate engaging the two audiences in one platform. As a result, Mallcomm is now the most flexible, agile and insight-driven tool available, creating real value from engaging everyone in real estate communities.”

“Integration is a major factor, being able to bring legacy systems into one platform, a place where over time machine learning and predictive analysis will drive decision making.”

Several major destinations across Europe have adopted the B2C Mallcomm module alongside all the popular B2B features, with a significant number in the pipeline. Buxton envisages that, as owners realise the power of a 360-degree engagement management strategy, this approach will become the norm.