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We take the wellbeing of our workforce and client network extremely seriously. With the increased threat of Coronavirus-Covid-19, we are taking steps to safeguard and support them. As part of our business planning, we are continuing to monitor official guidance and updates on a regular basis and take appropriate steps.

Our existing company policy already has provision for working from home and flexible working practices and our global team will continue to implement and flex this as required. Our office locations, in line with official health guidance, have supplied additional hand sanitisers and sanitisation methods, in addition to those already in place, to reduce the risk of the spread of any potential transmission.

Due to the nature of our business, we already have robust virtual customer service support teams and assistance in place which will continue unaffected. Where meetings with clients are required, our team are working with our stakeholders to progress our shared business requirements, both physically and virtually, as required on a case by case basis.