Elektrownia Powisle Neighbourhood Warsaw, Whitestar

360-degree integrated real estate community

The regeneration of iconic power station in Warsaw, Poland, Elektrownia Powisle is one of Europe’s most innovative new mixed-use schemes of retail, offices, residential, hotel, museum and other attractions.  In the up-and-coming riverside districts in the city, owners WhiteStar and Tristan Capital were looking for a platform they could use to maximise the experience for everyone who interacts with the location.  
The app is being built to create engagement and user experience for shoppers, residents, office workers and tourists in one easily managed place.   The types of total community engagement functions include: 
  • Food ordering                                                                                                                     
  • Car parking payment
  • Bespoke Loyalty programme
  • Key performance data collection
  • Maintenance and cleaning ticketing
  • Auditing and centre inspections
  • Security and critical communication
  • Job vacancies & recruitment
  • Marketing calendar and events
  • Feedback, review and polls 
  • QR scan access             
  • Maps and wayfinding                                             
  • Speciality leasing management