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Is poor data collection costing you time?


In the world of Proptech, data insights have become increasingly critical for optimizing various aspects of shopping centers and malls. A lack of data insights can result in significant financial implications, impacting the bottom line and hindering the growth and success of shopping centers. 

Through the automation of data collection, Mallcomm improves productivity, reporting and management. Tenants’ sales figures and feedback can be swiftly and accurately collated to drive performance and shape property management strategies.


6 Ways Mallcomm simplifies sales collection

  1. Removes the need for manual processes or emails, saving time and avoiding the risk of slow, disjointed practices.
  2. Allows data collection periods and forms to be generated with minimal effort and customised to your needs.
  3. Automated reminders to ensure sales reports are on time, maximising submission rates.
  4. Enables you to see, at a glance, which tenants have submitted their sales report via an easy-to-read collection dashboard
  5. Allows data to be quickly and easily downloadable or built into reports, so sales performance can be presented professionally and accurately
  6. Can be integrated with existing reporting systems to build a complete picture of performance and support decision making. 
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How our clients have saved time

URW US extended their Mallcomm platform, Connect, to a total of 23 properties by the end of 2020. URW also added the Sales Collection and Advanced Critical Comms modules to help improve their sales collection processes and refine their security and incident procedures. 

The addition of these modules has allowed the property management teams to collect retailer sales data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. It has also enabled them to create their own sales campaigns to collect specific data over a holiday period. These additions have also given URW the power to manage situations whether they are onsite or remote and has provided them with the tools to communicate more effectively with security teams to simplify everyday challenges.

“Each month we save approximately two working days that we would normally spend on collecting sales. This time can be dedicated to other value-adding actions.”

-Jonathan Toulemonde, Centre Director, URW

Mall of America (MOA) is the largest retail and entertainment destination in the U.S. With more than 5.6 million sq ft to manage and over 520 retailers to communicate and build relationships with, the Mall saw the opportunity for technology to deliver efficiencies and collect valuable data.

“Mallcomm gives us great insight into how engaged our tenants are, which types of information are most valuable to them, and it provides an easy way for tenants to seek our direct answers to their specific questions.” 

 -Janette Smrcka, IT Director, Mall of America

Savills were looking to incorporate a feature which would help them schedule tasks pre-opening, in peak and post-trade which would allow them to view results on an interactive dashboard, ultimately saving them time and resources. 

“With a large site, one person can’t check standards across every area. The auditing tool via the app allows our Duty manager team to conduct checks in preparation for the centre opening whilst sharing their findings with their colleagues, ensuring we cover the full site daily.”

 -Sarah Dover, Operations Manager, Savills Metrocentre

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