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The Mallcomm team travel to London: 5 Launches in 5 Days


At the beginning of August, Antonella from our customer success team, travelled to London to carry out five product launches over the space of five days across various shopping centre locations. 

The Mall Maidstone

The primary purpose of this application is to facilitate daily communication between center management and tenants. Prior to its implementation, WhatsApp groups and sporadic emails were the go-to channels, often resulting in information loss. However, the introduction of this app has significantly mitigated this issue, bolstering the strength of their business relationship.

For the majority of tenants, using this app comes as a considerable relief, as they recognize that it will streamline and expedite communication. In tandem, the center management is committed to enhancing their internal WiFi infrastructure, further improving the efficiency of this communication platform.


17 & Central

The excellent collaboration from the center management significantly contributed to a smoother and more successful project execution.

My colleagues, Adam Larke and Matthew Connolly, played an integral role in the launch. They conducted store visits to provide training to store managers who were unable to attend the group sessions. Every tenant was well-informed about the launch and displayed enthusiasm for cooperation.

Internal communication and sales collection had been persistent challenges. With the introduction of the app, these issues are expected to be alleviated, as the platform enables more efficient data monitoring and streamlined document exchange.

Store managers and their staff expressed their satisfaction with the enhanced communication tool and the ability to upload their own offers, events, and job vacancies. This platform also fosters mutual support among businesses within the center, enhancing the overall collaborative atmosphere.

The Mall, Wood Green

The center management had been facing considerable challenges in maintaining a streamlined and punctual flow of documentation. They also encountered difficulties in managing access to center requests and sales campaigns.

The group sessions witnessed a strong turnout, with attendees already posing questions that reflected their keen interest and engagement.

Store managers were particularly impressed by the app’s comprehensive range of functions, which promise to simplify their daily interactions with center management and provide effective tools for promoting their individual businesses.


The Marlowes

The center primarily relied on WhatsApp for communication with tenants, but this led to various gaps in the exchange of daily information. The introduction of the app has addressed this issue, enabling the management to handle both general and private communications more effectively, particularly concerning sensitive data related to sales campaigns.

Store managers were well-informed about our visit and greeted the app with enthusiasm, quickly adopting it as their primary means of communication with center management.

Exchange, Ilford

The active participation of tenants is of paramount importance to the success of the center, and effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving this synergy. The app serves as a valuable tool in simplifying and expediting various processes related to store management, addressing needs, and handling routine tasks efficiently.

Store managers who participated in the group sessions exhibited a strong interest and posed insightful questions. Those who couldn’t attend were equally eager to download the app, recognizing its potential to enhance communication with center management and provide a platform to showcase their offers and events.

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